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Axia Contracting specializes in general contracting services and the construction of large multi-family projects.  While apartment complexes are our primary focus, Axia has also undertaken student housing, hospitality and commercial construction projects.  Since first opening our doors in 2015, Axia has undertaken $450,000,000 of construction and nearly 3,600 apartment units.

Axia Contracting was established in 2014 by Brett Rossell and Jeff Schaumann. As engaged owners, Jeff and Brett have a direct relationship with each and every one of our customers, and are knowledgeable about what is occurring on our job sites. In so doing, we purposefully limit ourselves to the number of projects we undertake at a given time. We believe this approach separates us from other general contractors that specialize in large multi-family projects. Our goal is to be a valuable partner for our customers and to establish lasting relationships.  


Axia is also unique with respect to geographic reach. Given our focus on establishing and honoring long term relationships with our customers, we are often asked to follow customers to various markets. As such, Axia does not focus on a single market. While there are markets we will not travel to, we generally are able to build anywhere from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. To date, we have had construction projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota. 


It is our mission to deliver our customers the best possible product at a fair and competitive price, and it is our belief that our success is linked to the success of our customer’s projects.  As such, we strive to staff each project with highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who possess the work ethic to meet the demands of each and every project. We also believe that customers should be treated fairly, just as we hope our customers will treat us. Towards this end, we are committed to being honest with our customers, transparent in how we conduct business, and accountable for our actions and commitments.



Over the past eight years, Axia has undertaken 26 construction projects, totaling $455,000,000 in construction value.  Included in this work are 3,634 multi-family units, 229 hospitality rooms and 70,000 SF of office/retail space.  Over the past 20 years, the principals of Axia Contracting have managed projects totaling in excess of $3.6 billion across 35 states throughout the United States.  A listing of Axia’s past and current projects can be found below.



Axia Contracting

Contact Us: 701.478.1500

3245 42nd Street South, Suite 200,
Fargo, ND 58104

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